Saturday, May 19, 2007

Avian Literature Database

"The Avian Literature Database is a bibliographic database of documents of effects of wind energy development (including towers, power lines, and other wires) on birds."


"The effects of wind energy development on birds include mortality factors such as collision and electrocution, and impacts on nesting, foraging, roosting/loafing, and other bird disturbances.

The database also contains documents on the potential impacts of wind energy development on humans, including visual and noise disturbances.

The database includes documents from journals, periodicals, conference proceedings, government publications, utility company reports, books, and magazines. The database currently contains the abstracts of documents published through 1995. NREL intends to update this database on a regular basis, adding document citations and abstracts as more documents are published. The database is maintained by the National Wind Technology Center ... .

The database is searchable by different parameters, including keywords or phrases, author, publication year, and title."


The basis of the Avian Literature Database is two documents originally compiled by or for the California Energy Commission. One document, Effects of Wind Energy Development: An Annotated Bibliography (P700-96-001CN), was prepared by Susan Orloff and Anne Flannery from Ibis Environmental Services for BioSystems Analysis, Inc. in 1996. The second document, Avian Collision and Electrocution: An Annotated Bibliography (P700-95-001), was prepared by staff at the California Energy Commission and was completed in 1995. These two documents have been aggregated into the database.

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